Sunday, February 04, 2024

Labour Unions Campaign Weekend on New Deal for Working People: Cities of London & Westminster


Yesterday UNISON activists (and national officials) joined Parliamentary candidate, Rachel Blake and supporters to canvass for Labour and also promote the Party policy on the "New Deal for Working People". Which to my mind is probably the most exciting policy so far that a Labour Government will commit to if we win the next general election. 

See further details here but giving working people legal rights from day one of employment, getting rid of fire and rehire, sectorial pay bargaining as well as ending compulsory zero hour contracts is going to make a huge positive difference to so many workers and their families.

I have know Rachel for a number of years (and worked with her in the Labour Housing Group) and she will make a great MP. 

The canvass went well but it was difficult to speak to people since there was many private flats that we could not get into and many properties appeared to be unoccupied. However, I spoke to one resident who was voting Labour for the first time ("90% likely") and wanted to get rid of this current government as soon as is possible. 

The many "London Mews" we visited were amazing but I hate to think how much they would cost to live in. Despite the obvious wealth in  this part of Westminster there is huge poverty and deprivation in other areas. More reasons why we need a Labour Government. 

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