Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Thank you from UNISON & Good Luck to Jamie Dickinson in the Labour Party!


There was a lovely informal "leaving do" this evening in the Unison centre for our former UNISON activist and national officer, Jamie Dickinson (front centre) . Jamie supported our International and Labour Link Committees. He is leaving UNISON to join the Labour Party. 

I have known Jamie since he was a young activist in UNISON and lately, as a member of UNISON National Labour Link Committee, I  have appreciated his officer support to us and also his enormous everyday cheerfulness and enthusiasm. 

UNISON's loss is the Labour Party's gain. 

I have no doubt he will be doing more than his bit as a Labour staffer to win the next general election. 

It was great to see our former General Secretary, Dave Prentis here to thank and wish Jamie farewell. 

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