Sunday, February 25, 2024

Colne Valley Wildlife Walk 24.2.24


Yesterday morning I went to a consultation on a proposed LTN in my ward then taking advantage of a better weather forecast for Saturday compared to Sunday travelled with Gill by TFL trains to Rickmansworth. This circular 6.2 mile walk is listed in the book "More Great Chiltern Walks". 

It was an amazing walk and I was astonished at the size and number of the lakes (former gravel pits). We had lunch first at the Park cafe then started the walk around Bury Lake but found recent heavy rain had meant that many footpaths were closed or impassable due to flooding. We both had gaters above our boots but this was serious "welly" territory and we had to alter our course. We had to go along the south side of Stockers Lake (a wonderful nature reserve - see main picture) rather than the north. 

We passed a sign indicating that a camera had been placed overlooking a Gray Heron nest and you could check out the progress of the nesting and next month hopefully see the chicks. At the moment you can only see the parents taking turns to sitting and incubating the 3 eggs that have been laid. Check out for the live feed. 

We kept being warned by walkers coming from the opposite direction that the path ahead was impassable without Wellies. We chanced our arm but found it was too deep to keep going. However, some local children living on boats moored at the nearby Grand Union Canal had built a bridge (of sorts) which we were able to cross and continue the walk along the canal.

We walked along the canal for a while then left it near a World War 2 Pill box and tried to walk around Springwell Lake. We got most of the way around but had to retreat when we found the path totally submerged. Time was now pressing so we took the short route back along the canal into park. We will come back another day to finish it (when it is not so wet!) but it was still a lovely walk and well recommended. 

Stopped off at the Rickmansworth Spoons for a quick pint of Doombar then train back (about 1 hour 30 mins).   More photos on walks around London Facebook page

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