Sunday, December 04, 2022

My last West Ham Councillor surgery at Stratford Library?

On Saturday morning I had what I hoped to be my last Councillor surgery in the Newham Council Archives and Local Studies in Stratford Library. The staff at the library have been lovely but we (including my fellow ward Councillors John Whitworth and Charlene McLean) are hoping to return to our original base at the Vicarage Lane Community centre which is inside our ward. 

For various repair, covid, safety and staffing issues we have been displaced to Stratford Library. But very soon we hope to be able to offer a local Councillor surgery service every Saturday 10-11am in Vicarage Lane (apart from Bank holiday weekends)

The photo collage was from the Archives room and during quiet moments during the last few years I have spent some time looking at the fascinating books and historical resources on display. While I knew of our collection of paintings by Madge Gill I never knew that Newham Council had a prized collection of luxury locally produced porcelain 

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