Friday, December 16, 2022

The West Ham 3 John's go for a Bulgarian


Picture of a semi outdoor meal at the relatively new Rodina restaurant in Stratford High Street on Tuesday evening. I was with former Newham Councillor (and Chair of Local Authority Pension Fund Forum) John Saunders and my West Ham Ward Councillor colleague, John Whitworth. 

It was an excellent meal, good service and appears very authentic. I had keto version of Bulgarian mixed grill (Bez Kartofi) with a green side salad instead of chips. John S had Beef tongue in butter and grilled vegetables. While John W had Chicken Gondola. 

John S and I especially enjoyed the "homemade Rakia" at the end of the meal while John W gave in to his sweet tooth with pancakes, chocolate and cream. 

It was nice to meet up with old comrades and enjoy a different meal (while putting the world to rights). 

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