Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Nazeing Common walk

Off message but on Sunday Gill and I went for a 5 mile circular walk around Nazeing Common in Essex. Only 30 minutes drive from East London (not great for public transport), we have done several versions of this walk but this one was taken from the Ordnance Survey (OS) app supplied by Country Walking magazine (no route instructions, map only).

It was quite a dull and cold day but it was great to get out of London, stretch your legs and fill your lungs with fresh country air. An easy walk with a little bit of up and down to get your pulse working. Highlights of walk was coming across a herd of deer in a wood, who ran off but remained within sight while we had hot drinks and snacks. 

Near the marvellously named "Bumbles Green", we were amazed at spotting tractors hauling trailers full of parents and and small kids to go and pick, then get chopped down, Christmas Trees. On the trailers, they all had to sit on bales of hay, which looked most unsafe but must have been great fun for the kids.

As normal, we saw very few other people apart from the Crimbo tree brigade and the occasional dog walker. Walking through Nazeing golf club was a little dodgy since the path was not clear but the golfers were patient with us. 

Didn't go for beer at end of walk since we had get to supermarket to pick up a decent Sunday Roast (Forerib) before it closed. 

Check out other pictures of walk (not that exciting since overcast) on Facebook here

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