Friday, July 15, 2022

TUC Webinar: Protecting workers from extreme temperatures in the workplace

A heatwave warning is now in place for the next week across much of England and Wales. How can unions protect workers from extreme temperatures? 

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As temperatures soar throughout the summer, employers are responsible for providing a working environment that is reasonably practical, safe and without risks to health. Are workers in your workplace at risk? What can you do to protect them? Our new course shows ways to assess extreme temperature risks in the workplace, and how to get your employer to act on them.Take the course now.

Watch our webinar

Watch a recording of our recent webinar: Protecting workers from extreme temperatures on what reps can do to ensure their employers assess risks and introduce any necessary prevention or control measures in the workplace.

Sign our petition

Sign this petition calling on the government to change laws for an absolute maximum working temperature to keep people safe from the risks associated with excessive heat and sun exposure.

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