Saturday, July 16, 2022

Letter to the NEC - Re-Open the Kirklees Investigations /Hearings


"Dear Kirklees 15 supporter,

As many of you will have heard Mr Holmes has now been told he cannot hold office due to the recent rule change governing unemployed members.  A small win in a bigger battle.

Mr Holmes, I am sure, will seek any way around this up to and including trying to gain employment to dodge the rule.

For this and the reasons of trade Union good practice we need to lobby the NEC to ask for the rule I investigation to be reopened and brought to a full and fair completion, it is simply not good enough to abandon the case. 

To this ends we ask you all to spare a moment to send a letter to the NEC via the General Secretary,,  marked 'for the urgent attention of the NEC'  It would be very good if this email was sent before the next meeting of the NEC on Monday the 18th.  

For your ease we have written a proforma letter, which you may like to use, or certainly feel free to write your own.

Many thanks in anticipation of your support 

The Kirklees 15

Letter to the NEC  - Re-Open the Kirklees Investigations /Hearings

Dear NEC,

We are writing to you ahead of the NEC meeting on 18th July 2022.

We wish to bring to your attention the events at the UNISON NDC 2022.

Many delegates exercised their frustration with some of the Events and actions by the NEC, particularly in relation to the former president Mr Holmes which resulted in a motion of no confidence in the NEC being passed.

In your statement to conference, the  NEC said. “we have listened and apologise’’.

We hope you are still listening to your members and delegates, and fully accept the sovereignty of conference, as we now ask that you Restore the UNISON rule I Investigation into the conduct of Officers within Kirklees UNISON.

This week it became clear that within the Tory Party an investigation was held into the behaviour of an MP, this investigation found there was a case to answer. It was also by a decision of members of a committee this was not taken further, and the case was closed.

We cannot be seen to act like the Tory Party. The day we draw any parallels with UNISON and the Tory party is a sad day indeed.

Trade unionists in Unison from all ends of the political spectrum call upon the NEC to do better.

Reopen the rule I investigation and show your values in action. We do not tolerate this behaviour in the employers we deal with.

Nothing short of the investigation being heard and allowing the conclusion of a Trade Union process will suffice for the whole Union. The many stewards and staff over numerous years have a case and It Must be Heard.

(picture from massive fringe meeting at NDC supporting the Kirklees 15)

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