Monday, February 10, 2014

MEAT is murder-ing Care Quality and leading to a race to the bottom

MEAT in Care and Support stands for "Most Economically Advantageous Tender(s)". 

Check out last Fridays "Inside Housing" for this account by top UNISON Regional Organiser, Colin Inniss of why MEAT is a disaster for employees and clients because it results in price being the determining factor in a successful bid. 

Colin supports my UNISON Housing Association branch in London and also the Voluntary Organisations branch. 

He has seen first hand how
"You cannot deliver consistently high standards by impoverishing the pay and pensions of staff and compelling them to work ever longer hours. You simply end up demoralising staff, downgrading their professional skills and increasing their vulnerability; and all for the aim of winning and retaining that competitive tender.
It’s not rocket science; in an unseemly race to the bottom, no one wins".

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