Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WPP: Have your say on High Pay

(better late than never) "Dear John,

You might not have heard of WPP but you’ll have seen what they do. They are the world’s largest advertising group, producing adverts for companies like Nike, Heineken and Coca Cola.

On Wednesday, at its annual meeting of shareholders, WPP will put its CEO’s pay package to the vote. That pay package gives WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell:
  • Total pay of £29 million
  • A 60% pay rise
  • An increase in his potential bonus from 300% to 500% of his salary

In 48 hours FairPensions will be at WPP's meeting in Dublin*. It’s time to tell overpaying companies, starting with WPP, that enough is enough. We're asking supporters to add their names to a petition that we're going to present to the WPP board.

Sign the petition and we'll take your voice with us to the meeting in demanding WPP change their pay practices. 


We want to send a clear message to WPP and other excessively paid FTSE 100 CEOs telling them that the days of spiralling executive pay are over. We've only got 48 hours until the WPP AGM so please do share this action with friends and colleagues.

Thanks for your support

Matthew, FairPensions

*WPP moved to Dublin in 2008 to take advantage of lower corporation tax rates than in the UK. For more information on WPP and why we're targeting them click here: http://www.fairpensions.org.uk/highpay/wpp/info "

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