Friday, June 08, 2012

ill Manors Review by born and bred Forest Gater

Check out this post on Labour List by Ellie Robinson on the film "ill Manors" which is set in Forest Gate, East London. Ellie is born and bred in Forest Gate and is now a local Councillor for the area.

I have lived there also for the past 20 odd years. It is actually a fantastic place to live but like most parts of London there is a tiny dark side which I think Ellie addresses very well in her post.

This is the second link to blogs by Ellie this week. Check out her thoughts here on a recent visit to Israel and Palestine.

The rather graphic picture above is the "official movie" poster for the film. I think it partly depicts the two tower blocks overlooking Wanstead Flats in Leytonstone rather than Forest Gate. One of which is the Fred Wigg tower which may hoist anti-aircraft air to air missiles during the Olympics.

Ironically I use to live and work in Edinburgh in the middle/late 1980's. Is this film a 2012 "Trainspotting"?

Update: Sunday Times yesterday refers to the film being set in Forest Hill not Forest Gate!

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