Wednesday, February 29, 2012

West Ham CLP phone bank

Picture right is of West Ham Labour Party phone bank volunteers about to start calling people this evening in our headquarters in Stratford. On left is Mark Lewis who with Alan Griffiths has set up the weekly phone bank. Then our ringer London Assembly member, John Biggs in middle, then yet another John (Armitage) on the right.

It was a successful session and we had a good reaction from residents. I spoke to a number of people in my ward who were pleased to contacted by their Councillor even though they could not think of anything to complain about at the time.  I did pick up Councillor case work and surgery appointments. See the colourful backdrop in the picture and you may recognise certain photos (I should claim copyright!)


joe butler said...

hi again john

I hate to agree with the Telegraph but...

John Gray said...

Hi Joe

Interesting that they attack Ed on personality not on his politics.

Linked I think with the comment that most Tory back benchers think they will lose at the next election.

Hopefully, as in the words of their beloved leader, they really are "F####d".