Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A day in the life of an Union official

Great Guardian feature on top UNISON branch secretary, Angela Rayner. My last post was an evening with Neville Lawrence, this one, is a "full-on" day in the life of a Union official.

Angela typifies the very best of UNISON and how it can grow its activists. "I grew up on a council estate and was pregnant at 16, only able to afford clothes from a charity shop. I was told I'd never amount to anything and would be living in a council house, on benefits with loads of kids by the time I was 30.

That's not me, though I wouldn't judge someone if they were in that situation. But I have three lovely kids, live in my own house and have a great job – I've had to earn respect the hard way, starting as a home help when I left school."

She has gone from one the youngest home helps in Stockport Council to being a steward then branch assistant branch secretary to now being the elected branch secretary on a very busy full time secondment.

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