Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust

On Saturday March 3rd it is the anniversity of the Bethnal Green tube disaster... "a crowd of people entered Bethnal Green tube station which was used at the time as an air-raid shelter. After the searchlights went on and an anti-aircraft battery a few hundred yards away in Victoria Park launched a salvo of a new type of anti-aircraft rockets the crowd surged forward. Someone tripped on the stairs causing many others to fall. 300 people were crushed into the stairwell within a few seconds, 173 of them died and over 90 were injured. The worst civilian disaster of the 2nd World War.

Full planning permission has now been granted by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for the Memorial to be built. Now all we need to do is raise the money".... " The Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust has been raising funds to bring a permanent memorial to the site, to honour those whose lives were devastated by the tragedy. 69 years to the day, Tower Hamlets councillors from all political parties will be uniting to take part in a sponsored 5k run in Victoria Park, hoping to raise at least £5,000 for the memorial.

Please donate HERE to support this important cause – and feel free to join in the run or come along to cheer us across the finishing line! The run will start at 2pm on Saturday 3 March 2012.
For more information contact either:
Cllr Amy Whitelock –
Cllr Carlo Gibbs –
Cllr Lesley Pavitt –
For more information about the Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust visit:"
(I use to work in the Tower Hamlets LG UNISON office in nearby York Hall and would go up and down those same steps most days of the week. This is a good cause to support).

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