Friday, January 21, 2011

John's Labour blog 200,000 visitors

Last night according to Site meter I had my 200,000 visitor to this blog since Feb 22 2007.

I posted this in December 2008 when it was 50,000 "The readership is tiny compared to some other blogs but as long as I enjoy posting I will keep it up.

I admit that I do indulge myself from time to time. Some think I am being divisive, others think that I pull too many punches.

But there is room in the “bloggersphere” for a centre left Labour movement blog that offers critical support to the Party and commentates at times vigorously on trade union, political and economic issues. This is my aim anyway....The message of course should remain more important than the medium".

Thank you for visiting.


Anonymous said...

well done John
your in the mainstream of blogging now

Iain dale gone etc

the road ahead is clear

John Gray said...