Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is what Tories do...So why are you surprised they are selling our forests?

Hat-tip to Country Standard blog for this report about the Condems plan to privatise 15% of the land (correction it is now not 15% but all of our land) owned by the Forestry Commission. 

Someone I met today, a traditional Tory supporter, was absolutely outraged by this plan and flabbergasted that the government is even thinking of doing this.  Err...Yeah, but...

This sort of stunned outrage is becoming quite commonplace.  Non-political friends and family, work colleagues, union members and even union activists will come up to me and in detail express their shock and horror at the latest vile proposal or act of this government.  Well...yes, but didn't you say you were not voting at the election since they were "all the same"?

My stock response is Err yes...but this what Tories do, surely you know this? Obviously not.  Even from those who like me lived through the 1980's appear shocked.

I even had someone banging the drum about this 'orrible government who before the General Election told me that Mr Cameron is a "nice man" who should be given a chance!!!!

Much, much worse recently I heard a paid union official slag off Labour Party controlled Councils while justifiably complaining bitterly about cuts and job losses and yet never uttered a single word of criticism about the government...FFS - what is going on here?

To be honest I am getting just a little bit fed up with all this.  We told people what to expect if the Tories got in and 71% of people didn't believe us.  We have to accept responsibility for losing the election but those who voted against us or did not vote have got to accept responsibility as well for what is happening.


Damien McKee said...

John what is your view on the latest scandal involving the government with Tory peer and leader of the Lords Lord Strathclyde having indulged in an affair behind his wife's back but David Cameron is standing by him.What is your take on this saga?

John Gray said...

Hi Damien

Profound indifference. This is a private and personal matter that should not be in the public eye.