Sunday, January 23, 2011

Netroots UK 2011 - Beyond Obama: Stories and lessons from across the pond.

I know that posting late about new media events is a little bit shameful and definitely uncool, however my view is better late than never. This was one of the 5 lunchtime fringes on offer at this month’s successful Netroots conference. This fringe was facilitated by our American cousins Julielyn Gibbons (i3 principles) and (another) John.

This was a very relaxed and laid back fringe. Julielyn introduced videos from the Community pressure group “Promise Arizona”. Whose aim was to turn out the Latino vote in Arizona with some very simple but effective grass root home grown videos. They also featured the British “Fair Votes” campaign around PR and navy veteran “Ralph’s story”. The key question is “What’s working”? the answer is simple messages...Humanisation of issue...Political opportunity...Off line and on line organising...Creativity...Integrated organisation...Positivity...Knowing your audience...Coalition building (coalition ugly word nowadays)....Genuine grassroots not just singular individuals (which I think is the biggest challenge for some organisations).

An example of a simple but potentially effective message about Climate Change is “Fossil fuels kill soldiers”. There was a contribution from the floor from someone who works for a charity that campaigns for children in the developing world. To raise funds and consciousness do you show adverts which feature a baby dying or dead? or do you show the Lazarus effect and how if they have the money to buy drugs and doctors they can save baby lives?

I know which one I would support.

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