Friday, January 07, 2011

ragged trousered and angry? celebrate and commemorate

double click to bring up details. hat-tip SERTUC


Anonymous said...

Is David Chaytor going then?

Anonymous said...

with archer and the rest of the tory scum

raggedtrouseredandangry, hastings said...

The venue for this event has now CHANGED. It is at The BRASS MONKEY, 189 Havelock Road, Hastings TN34 1BP. We start at midday and all other details are the same. Look on raggedtrouseredandangry website for details.

Why has the venue changes? The freehold of the St Leonards Assembly Rooms is owned by the freemasons, and they have put pressure on the operators of the hall, 3 Degree Catering, to cancel our booking for Robert Tressell Day.

As far as we can determine, 3 Degree Catering had been straightforward with us throughout, and will lose money by having to cancel the booking. The decision was forced upon them by the Hastings & St Leonards Masonic Hall Co Ltd who own the freehold of the Assembly Rooms. It is galling, because the masons have been aware of this event since 18th October and have not previously raised any objections.

We knew they owned the freehold of the hall, and so, The White Rock Lodge was emailed on 18th October and told we had socialist speakers, and would sing the Red Flag at the end of the evening. The offer was even made, that we would shift the event to another venue if they had problems with this. The Secretary of the White Rock Lodge replied the same day, saying he would consult the lodges and let me know what the overall feeling was. We heard nothing more from him, and presumed, quite reasonably, that the masons had no issues with the booking. Why should they?

Clearly though, they did. But without contacting us to discuss their issues or concerns, without even having the courtesy of contacting us again at all, they have waited until a month before the event and then told the operators of the hall to cancel the booking. Discourteous or what? And the masons purport to be gentlemen!

Look forward to seeing you at the Brass Monkey on the 5th.

Fraternally, raggedtrouseredandangry