Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Lollypop Lady" Louise to run against BNP Barnbrook

UNISON London NEC member (and local School Crossing Officer) Louise Couling, is to stand against the fascist BNP Councillor and London Assembly member, Richard Barnbrook in next year’s local council elections in Barking and Dagenham East London.

At this morning’s London UNISON regional committee it was announced that Louise the no nonsense east end grandmother and committed anti-fascist will be one of 3 Labour Party candidates in the Goresbrook Ward who are standing against Barnbrook and his fellow (IMO) Hitler worshiping cultists. Louise describes herself as an ordinary working class trade unionist who fiercely represents her predominately low paid women members. She is also a super proud true Brit who hates fascism.

At the meeting Louise called for support from all parts of UNISON in the upcoming battle in all those communities who are facing the scourge of fascism. I’ll post details soon on how you can help Louise, the local Labour Party or the non partisan anti-fascist “Hope Not Hate”.

Despite some members of the committee not being, let us just say "over fond" of Labour the overwhelming majority were really pleased and wholly supportive that a leading London UNISON female activist was directly taking on the fascists.

It was a shame but also somewhat amusing that while we were trying to be positive and inclusive the East Sussex member of the committee who should have known better, decided to launch an ultra left sectarian and divisive rant about New Labour being the real cause of BNP in East London. To which I heard one person quip none too seriously under their breath “this is the first time I’ve ever heard the Barking and Dagenham Party described as “New Labour”.

Picture of our Louise (hint, hint - the one in the bright yellow with our General Secretary Dave Prentis).


ModernityBlog said...

Marvellous news

Robin Smith said...

great news louise. its a shame that the ultra leftists think that being a true brit is racist.

all such views do is make more people vote for the bnp.

why dont they realise this?

Anonymous said...

good on you lou. BNP are filth and we will back you all the way.