Saturday, December 13, 2008

50,000 Visitors since Feb 2007

Well, its bit of a milestone I suppose. Time to take stock and think about the way forward and possible improvements. 667 posts so far.

The readership is tiny compared to some other blogs but as long as I enjoy posting I will keep it up.

I admit that I do indulge myself from time to time (see next post). Some think I am being divisive, others think that I pull too many punches.

But there is room in the “bloggersphere” for a centre left Labour movement blog that offers critical support to the Party and commentates at times vigorously on trade union, political and economic issues. This is my aim anyway.

I will try and post shorter single issue posts (as suggested by Richard on Thursday). I’ll still do my reports on meetings and conferences but I will try and break them up to make them snapper and hopefully more interesting.

I don't think I need photos for every post. I do agree that often a picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes I think that a photo is unnecessary and not worth the effort.

The message of course should remain more important than the medium.


Andrew Berry said...

“But there is room in the “bloggersphere” for a centre left Labour movement blog” yeah sure there is but where is one?

John Gray said...

Hi Andrew

Well certainly not this and that
(your blogs apparently)

Anonymous said...


the fact that your blog has not only hit 50,000 but has also won awards

would tend to show that 4 out of 5 readers enjoy it.

Keep up the excellent work

Charlie Marks said...

Congratulations. What matters most is that you enjoy posting, I reckon. When it comes to attacking those within the movement, I think you can be divisive - better critical support for each other, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

yes I look forward to the SWPs critical support for Labour before they split in January.

thats the problem with the Trot ultra left is that they beleive only they have the answers to solving the crisis in capitalism

John Gray said...

Hi Anons - thank you for your support.

Hi Charlie

Thanks for that but there is a real divide to be divisive about. You can't "critically support" these people, you must oppose them. Not because they wear a particular political label you don’t agree with or like, but because of what they do, their deeds and actions.

Charlie Marks said...

But you spend more time criticising a few Trotskists than you do the government, which is introducing Tory measures and refusing to back the movement which supports it, or the capitalist class which is throwing thousands of workers out of work in spite of all the taxpayer support.

John Gray said...

Hi Charlie
Apologies - This is a really late response. I am a centre left Labour trade unionist (in my view) but the most opposition I face in my daily real life as a trade unionist is from the “ultra left” not the Tories.

They have to some extent discredited the trade union movement and instead of us organising and building they want just pointless oppositional politics.