Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Special: The SWP and...the Dubya connection

The SWP and its feuding rich posh kids oligarchy is exposed as a George Dubya big oil Mafiosi front! Hat-tip Comrade Mercader (so it must be true).


Charlie Marks said...

Comrade Mercader has waaay too much time on his hands...

Though it was worth the effort for D.Hallas... Very funny.

Will there be an episode where the CC wake up and the last few years were a dream? (Or was that Dynasty?)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the Socialist Whites' Party next suicide note on Socialist Unity!


Mikey said...

I have just seen this video linked on Harry's Place. Very funny indeed - well done.

Anonymous said...

Great video

glad someone found time over xmas to do some editing

The SWP are a complete joke now

"And they looked from SWP to WRP and WRP to SWP and they could see no difference"

Anonymous said...

Love the Chris Bambery pic!

Any chance of getting this on youtube? It deserves an even wider audience.

Zeeshan said...

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

Ken said...

Anon, 16:56,

Your wish is my command.

Comment moderation is for pussies, by the way.

John Gray said...

Hi Charlie
It was Dallas not Dynasty

Thanks (on behalf of Comrade Mercader) for the positive feedback.

Naughty Exile has posted it on youtube under the Soggy W*****S Party label. I couldn’t possibly comment. I have posted it on youtube as well here So please feel free to post it on.

Exile - I have ran into some “local difficulties” over “things” (as have Dave and Alex) so with regard to your remarks about “comment moderation” I go mew, mew quite happily.

Ken said...

Dunno who Dave and Alex are, nor what the problem is that you refer to, but I wish you well getting it sorted.

Just down the road from where I live is the house of St. Leon The Loser and if you click here, you can see photos of it, along with the original twatting hammer that was used to put a stop to his nonsense.

Mexicans don't tend to like losers which is why there are plenty of things named after Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, but sod all that carries Trotsky's name. A pity the same is not true back home.

Happy New Year.

John Gray said...

Hi Exile

Great post on the "loser" I have posted here on this

Check out the difficulties that Dave, Alex and I have had here

Ken said...

OK, gotcha - you didn't say Dave Osler... Yeah, I am sort of aware of the problems and I wish you all well.

John Gray said...

thanks Exile and seasonal greetings to you as well!

Anonymous said...

What about the Labour Party and the Dubta connection? oh yes i forgeot that is actually true.

John Gray said...

Hi Jim

Sorry, not sure what your complaint is about? please give me a ring.