Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GLA Labour Group Reception

Busy day on Monday. In the evening after work I went to the Christmas reception laid on by the GLA Labour Group in City Hall.

The event was on the 9th floor “Living Room”. There is an outside balcony with simply fantastic views over London and the river Thames.

Ken Livingston was there looking far more healthy and relaxed than I ever saw him as Mayor (watch out Boris). The last time I was here on the 9th floor was I think for the May Day reception in 2007.

The GLA Labour Assembly members were very hospitable and friendly. Nicky Gavlon who chairs the Planning and Housing committee agreed to come (if diary allows) and speak at my Housing Association Branch AGM. I was also speaking to people about a possible London Labour housing network?

Len Duvall, Leader of the GLA Labour Group and of the London Party (& UNISON member), gave a short and to the point speech asking us to enjoy ourselves but reminding us of those Londoners who are having a tough time at the moment. We are the only Party who really cares about people and has the ability to change things. Next year will be really important for the London Labour Party and we must all work hard to win Council by-elections, fight off the BNP in the EU ballot and build up our capacity for the General election.

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