Sunday, June 08, 2008

London UNISON New Capitalists

I have just sent out an invite for a meeting to London UNISON members who are pension trustees or member nominated representative on LGPS panels. This is for the London UNISON Capital Stewardship Forum. The meeting will take place on Tuesday 1 July 2008, 2-4pm, at room 2B (second floor) of the University of London Union (ULU).

Agenda items so far are:

UNISON NDC conference – report back on motion, UNIZONE and Capital Stewardship fringe Meeting (Bournemouth Monday 16 June 5.30pm)
TUC Pension Trustee Conference London 27 June 2008
Other conference reports and future events
Campaigns update
Joint working
Governance of Pension Schemes
Update on UNISON National Capital Stewardship Programme/website (UNISON national officer Colin Meech)
Future Training seminar for London region on Capital stewardship
International Union Trustee Meeting London 8-10th July.

This meeting may seem just a little boring but what we will be most likely discussing at this meeting is issues such as protecting pension investments in an uncertain market, lobbying government ministers over governance and benefit disputes, investments in PFI schemes and trade union rights, health and safety for overseas workers who make Olympic sports wear, investments in Burma etc.

Never a really dull moment. ....Honest.


Charlie Marks said...

Say John, what did you make of Frank Field's speech on the English question?

John Gray said...

Once again, sorry Charlie will post something soon-ess