Friday, June 13, 2008

Rachel North – A Survivors View on 42 days

Following my rather hostile post last night on what I consider to be David Davis “Self-indulgent Stunt” I had the comment below from Rachel North.

I am annoyed at the presumption that all survivors of the 7/7 attacks support 42 days and the stripping of our liberties for the politics of fear.

I don't support 42 days.
And nor do lots of other people.

And being blown up did not turn me into a Sun reader.

This was my reply

Hi Rachel
Thank you for your contribution. Yes, you are right that no-one should assume that all terrorist “victims” (or rather survivors) are in favour of 42 days et al.

I do though believe the polls that there is a significant majority of people in favour.

Personally, I really don’t know whether or not it is needed. I suspect that it is necessary. But I am willing to accept the judgement of the Police and the Government that it is.

Chris Paul also quotes Rachel being pretty blunt about Luke Akehurst’s original suggestion (mind, Chris is not a fan of Luke - the feeling is I think mutual).

Check out Rachel’s blog and this raw and very honest article that she wrote for “The Times”.


Robert said...

The fact is the whole process did what annoyed many of Labours grass root voters again, I'm so sick and tired of all this nonsense.

We are in trouble fuel is going up faster and faster food is rocketing my sickness benefits is going down and down, and I find it ridicules that everyone is on about 42 days, but then again I bet Brown is happy everyone is happy they are talking about 42 days as well.

Two years thats all Labour has to pull this around, the Irish who voted no, then the EU saying this is not the end is another worry which will come back to Brown, especially if the EU ignore the vote.

Not a good time to be a leader me thinks.

Charlie Marks said...

So John. You suspect it is necessary, yet the prosecutors say they are comfortable with the current 28 day period.

I have not been asked my opinion on this matter - nor I suspect have you. If those polled were asked "Would you support this measure if you knew it would lead to fewer people informing police of extremist activity" their reply would no doubt be different.

If are being truthful when you say you are willing to accept the judgement of the government and securocrats... I have nothing but pity for you.

John Gray said...

Hi Charlie
Valid point, but it is the job of the CPS to prosecute not to investigate. That remains the job of the Police and the security services. Yes, there is a danger of alienating people further from the Police but providing these powers are exercised sensitively then I do not think this will happen. Face facts – as we” speak” - up and down the country people are actively planning to murder British civilians (Black or white, Christian or Muslim).

The Pity I think lies with you Charlie – it must be horrible for you to live in this society.

Robert said...

Ask the elderly gent at the Labour conference if he was a terrorist, because he was arrested as one.

Charlie Marks said...

It is horrible for me to live in this society - one in which the gap between rich and poor grows under a so-called Labour government which is keen to abolish what remains of our civil rights and the welfare state.

And yes, there are would-be bombers - but the police can hold them for a month already. No evidence has been given as to why this should be increased further. You must face facts, John, rather than defending the indefensible.

Anonymous said...

Few things have given more pleasure in the past few days than the displays of invective against Luke Akehurst's asinine blog on this issue, including Rachel's response.

John Gray said...

Hi Charlie
Sorry this reply is so late but you know I was at the unison conference last week.

This is probably more a philosophical argument rather than a political one. While I think there are still many, many things which are wrong in our society and we need to change things, I still enjoy living in this Country and actually feel very proud of its many achievements. Arguably the UK is the most equal and free it has ever been in its history. Society altitudes to women, gays, race, abortion, divorce have been transformed in Britain even within my lifetime. I am very optimistic about the future and hope that if Labour can stay in power we will transform this country further and make at least as much progress in making Britain a fairer and economically just society.

Who would have thought that stuffy old Parliamentary mixed economy democracies would have achieved so much!