Friday, June 06, 2008

"Man responsible for his own health? My arse!"

Great steal from the new IOSH e-bulletin and its link to the Men’s Health Forum website. Next week being “Men’s Health Week”.

A man accused of neglecting his health is being put on mock trial as part of National Men’s Health Week, running from 9 to 15 June.

This year’s campaign by the
Men’s Health Forum focuses on men and work, and IOSH is supporting Men’s Health Week as part of its "Back to Health, Back to Work" campaign. There is good evidence that even though men are reluctant to go to their GP with a problem, they will use services provided at work.

There are more than 25,000 health and safety professionals in the UK alone, but only 8,000 occupational health specialists.

IOSH is promoting the role of health and safety professionals and the skills they can use to ‘fill the gap’ in spotting early signs of workplace illness and supporting return to work after an illness or accident.

Interesting that men will use OH services at work rather than going to a GP and that there are so few OH specialists relative to H&S professionals? Discuss...

Update on my own personal health campaign is that “shock, horror” skimmed milk does not taste disgusting anymore and after only a week, semi-skimmed in tea now tastes even creamy! Yesterday, I cycled into work and back again. It took only 25 minutes (Forest Gate to Bow) by main road routes but an hour and 15 minutes home, since I could not find a quick way directly through the Stratford Olympic site anymore. The towpaths and footpaths are closed.

Update 07:05 - just found out that my bike was nicked over night - so need to find plan B!


Anonymous said...

Hi john. just got in 4 am driving in london looking out for your bike along the way. skimmmed milk and no suger for me lifes a bore sometimes. still no one's nicked my bike...... see your tuesday

John Gray said...

Hi Paul
Thanks for looking out for my bike. I have decided to change my mind about my principled opposition to capital punishment. But only for bike thieves. Hang 'em high I say!