Thursday, June 12, 2008

“Self-indulgent stunt”

By resigning his seat without even the knowledge, (never mind the agreement of his Party leader) David Davies has obviously kept up his ongoing leadership campaign for the Conservative Party.

Luke (and during the BBC 10PM news tonight, presenter Nick Robinson), have suggested that a relative or victim of terrorism will stand against him rather than an official Labour candidate. Which is an idea I think needs examining carefully? Not least because the 42 day detention policy is very controversial but has pretty massive poplar support.

To think that the Tories in government would oppose such a measure that is recommended by the Police, simply just defies belief. Davies is just being hypocritical over this issue and is being exposed as a "grand chancer".

On another level, while trying to be a bit objective (probably unsuccessfully) does Davies actually realise how awfully smug and full of himself he appears in media interviews? I think not or else he would not act in this way. I think he believes his own publicity?

True friends of David Davies; please tell the want-to-be emperor that he has not that many clothes.


Anonymous said...

I really disagree here. To submit yourself to your constituents at an election for Parliament, on an issue of such importance, could never be described as a stunt.

If the people in our government who have driven through this awful legislation, thanks to the support of the DUP, had any guts, they would stand someone against Davis on the 42 days issue.


Mark said... ........comments please.

Rachel said...

I am annoyed at the presumption that all survivors of the 7/7 attacks support 42 days and the stripping of our liberties for the politics of fear.

I don't support 42 days.
And nor do lots of other people.

And being blown up did not turn me into a Sun reader.

John Gray said...

Hi Adrian
I suppose the real issue here is whether or not Davis is being sincere or not. Remember this was someone who voted for 4 weeks detention but now thinks 6 weeks is the death of Magna Carta? This doesn’t make sense.

I am personally convinced that the Tory opposition to 42 days, ID cards etc is just shameless political opportunism. If the Tories had been in power after 7/7 I am absolutely sure that even more draconian legalisation would be in force – and Davis as a Tory Home secretary would have been the chief cheerleader.

If my view is correct then I’m not sure that the Labour Party should stand against him under these circumstances. There again....we don’t want a Sun candidate either!

John Gray said...

Hi Rachel
Thank you for your contribution. Yes, you are right that no-one should assume that all terrorist “victims” (or rather survivors) are in favour of 42 days et al.

I do though believe the polls that there is a significant majority of people in favour.

Personally, I really don’t know whether or not it is needed. I suspect that it is necessary. But I am willing to accept the judgement of the Police and the Government that it is.

Anonymous said...

That's odd..I remeber Labour voting against the Prevention of terroorism ACT numerous times when they were in opposition...just fancy that!

Borges said...

I heard that he told Clegg even before he told Cameron!