Monday, June 09, 2008

Bakuninites, drunks, Bonapartists

Allegations of threats to “lamp” opponents, “dirty methods” “Bakuninites, drunks, Bonapartistsis” “lies and misrepresentations” - is this just another account of every day life in George Galloway’s Respect or SWP/Left list?

No, these allegations are being made about CPGB PCC (Communist Party Great Britain – Provisional central Committee and publishers of the “Weekly Worker”) by suspended member, John Pearson (picture right) who supports the (believe it or not) Trotskyist Tendency of the CML (Campaign for a Marxist Party). Which appears to be in someway connected with the CPGB?

Ironically the “Weekly Worker” has exposed a lot of the nonsense over the demise of diss-respect. The headline this week is on the possible defection of Tower Hamlets "Left List/SWP" Councillor Oli Rahman (in my view for what it is worth, a misguided but decent bloke and good trade unionist) to the Labour Party.

Click on to John Pearson’s website where he “exposes” the “judicial” investigation by the CPGB PCC. I think this is a genuine website and I haven’t a clue about the rights or wrongs of John’s many and very detailed complaints.

Hat tip thingy to Comrade Mars


Anonymous said...

Just look at this Pearson bloke's profile:

I am 57 years old, married with 2 daughters.

I have been active in the working class movement all my adult life.

I have been a member of the Workers Revolutionary Party (1973 - 1974), the Labour Party (1976 - 1978), the Socialist Workers Party (1978 - 1982), the Socialist Labour Party (1996 - 1997), the Socialist Alliance (1996 - 2005), the Communist Party of Great Britain (1997 - 2003), the Democratic Socialist Alliance (formerly Socialist Alliance Democracy Platform) from its formation in 2003 to the present and of the Campaign for a Marxist Party from its formation in 2006 to the present. I am a founder member of the Trotskyist Tendency of the CMP and its Convenor.

I have been a shop steward and full time branch secretary (for 7 years) in UNISON (formerly NALGO) and a shop steward in both the AEEU and (presently) the PCS.

I have been active in solidarity work for workers’ struggles such as the 1984 - 1985 miners’ strike and the Liverpool dockers’ strike, in anti-racist work and in campaigns against cuts in public services. I have also campaigned against Blair’s warmongering and for the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers.

I firmly believe in the need to build a new mass working class party, based upon the fundamentals of Marxism, to guide the struggle for working class self-emancipation, workers' power and a communist society.

Clearly a bloke who has absolutely no ability to exercise any self-discipline as regards party membership (did he jump or was he pushed from all of them?)

I feel sorriest for his poor wife and kids.


leftygirl said...

I know that all those involved must take this incredibly seriously - but is there really a world where people call each other Bakuninites and Bonapartists?! Am off to Google both these insults and also work out a way of weaving them into a conversation within the next week. Perhaps my naivety on such matters might reveal that I am in fact one of these types.

John Gray said...

Hi Jer
Not sure that we need to drag his wife and kids into things but he has "been around" for some reason. There again his "introduction" to politics was the WRP!

John Gray said...

Its life leftygirl...but not as we know it

Imposs1904 said...

Fairs, fair, the personal history does not give exact dates so he could have only have been in the WRP for a few months. (Dec '73 until Jan' 74 ;-)

What's more worrying is that he decided to join the Labour Party in 1976? Who thought of joining the Labour Party in 1976? It's as far fetched as someone thinking of joining the Labour Party in 2008.

John Gray said...

Hi Darren
I (think) that I first joined the Labour Party in 1978 (LPYS anyway) which I think was an even worse time for the Party than 1976.
2008 hasn’t been great for the Party so far – but there again – things can only get better!