Friday, June 22, 2012

UNISON NDC 12: Elder Abuse motion

Conference, President, Joel Bodmer housing association branch Supporting motion 83 Elder Abuse.

It has often been said that you can judge a civilisation not by its wealth, standing or privilege but on how it treats it’s most vulnerable.

The later years in one’s life should be a time for reflection and enjoyment, an opportunity to spend time doing those things people never had change to do in chance to do in younger life. After years of hard work , contribution and service to our society. The very least people should expect is that their basic human rights are protected.

That they are afforded the existence so many of us take for granted, a life free from physical or sexual assault, a life free from psychological abuse, or financial exploitation.  But for thousands and thousands of older people this is not the case, trapped in an existence of fear, shame and misery.

Conference, the commendable Elder abuse campaign run by our retired members, comes at a time when services for older people are under assault.Day centre closure after closure, cuts to community’s services relied upon by older people, cuts to care services, and cuts to terms and conditions of care workers. Whilst the population continues to age and need for services increases. 
It is now more pressing than ever that this issue needs to be highlighted, a concerted fight to eradicate the abuse of older people, and restore dignity to the lives some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

This motion commits us to take a firm policy viewpoint on changing the law to ensure there is specific legislation to protect older people from abuse. As well as more broadly campaigning and highlighting the issues.

Conference, please support this motion.

(sign the UNISON e-government petition on Elder abuse here)
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