Friday, January 20, 2012

Virgin Media Rubbish Service Update: Branson Brand did Cut off my Phone line for complaining!

Quick update on the latest old nonsense from probably the most badly run and vindictive private monopoly in the land.

I tried to cancel my subscription on Jan 3rd to Virgin Media following the nasty and despicable
attack by their brand owner and chief private shareholder, Richard Branson, on trade unions.

It ended up with me being shouted and threatened by one of their managers and my telephone line being immediately cut off. I made a complaint which I finally (despite two chase ups) got a response on Tuesday by email. They completely ignored pretty much all my points and told me that my service will be totally disconnected on 3 February and that I would be charged £144.

They also told me to ring a repair helpline to report my phone being out of order. Which I did today with a mobile. After the usual long wait and millions of menus and pressing alphabet keys on your telephone which they did not recognise, I finally got to their faults helpline. They informed me that there was a billing problem and that was why my phone was cut off so they transferred me to customer service. I treid to point out that I didn’t think this was the case since my other services were working normally (for Virgin). The customer services operative was very helpful but she could not explain why I was cut off since my account was up-to-date. Eventually (20 minutes wait) it was agreed they would transfer me back to repairs. Repairs could not understand why I had been cut off by them but said it was some sort of a “mistake”. After another 20 minutes they agreed to restore my telephone service in “2-24 hours”. I am pleased to say that 4 hours later it is now working.

It is quite clear that my phone was cut off maliciously for over 2 weeks purely because I treid to cancel my service and they are now intending to totally disconnect my service (without my agreement) and charge me £144. Needless to say I will continue complaining. Many thanks to everyone who have contacted me to share the awful experiences they have had with Virgin Media and suggestions on what to do next.
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