Thursday, September 29, 2011

#Lab11 Back home and Vote Yes X to protect your pension

Back home in Newham's "green and pleasant" land after the worlds longest (but cheap) London Midland train journey from Liverpool.

I really enjoyed myself last week. Not sure it was a "great" Party conference but we are in a bit of a silly season at the moment. If the Party announces any "bleeding obvious" good policies this far ahead of an election, then the Tories will simply pinch them.

While the Daily Hates will have plenty of time to simply fabricate the "cost" of any others, while pretending this is all the work of evil union barons. This is pathetic but so true. 

I will post more on conference as and when.  I probably won't report on everything I went to.  Life moves on.

I've come back to find a big stack of leaflets and posters from UNISON urging members to Vote YES to strike action to protect their pensions.  Which I will be taking into work with me.  What is being proposed is not fair or necessary.  It is a tax on (mostly) low paid workers to pay for the excesses of very, very, very rich people.  It is plain wrong.
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