Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Newham Fabians AGM 2011

Picture is from Newham Fabians AGM which took place at the Town Hall in East Ham on Monday evening. The Fabians are an independent socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party. 

The Guest speaker was local MP Stephen Timms (main picture).  He spoke about the role of the Fabians in the current climate.

I missed most of the meeting due to a clash.  When I came in there was a robust but comradely debate going on about possible past mistakes and the future direction of the Party.  Very Fabian!  Stephen then had to leave in order to go to the House of Commons to vote against the Tories (to loud cheers from one and all).

It had been a very positive and constructive Labour Movement meeting.  A local MP, Councillors, trade unionists, (a former MEP) and Party activists meeting up together to exchange views and progress Labour politics.

Many thanks to Tower Hamlets Labour Party activist and photographer, Dan MCCurry, for the excellent photos.  They really bring the event to life. Check out his "Newham Fabians" FaceBook album here.
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