Monday, April 29, 2024

UNISON Service Group Elections 2024: Community & other SGE recommendations


UNISON Service Group elections started last week. These are really important elections. Some seats were not contested so not everyone has received a postal vote (and you can vote via email but not do both!)

The list below is of personal recommendations by myself and others. I have not any of these candidates if they want to be on this list. 

Community Service Group:
Northern: Malcolm Gray and Clare Penny-Evans
North west: Joy Ryan

Health Service Group:
Eastern: Ben Matenga
East Midlands: Stuart Hallowes
London: Chris Akaluka, Julie Cunnane, Paula Ward
North West: Iain Mooney and Janice Fennell-Rutherford
Yorkshire & Humberside: Dave Syms, Julie Marsland and Rhian Hawthorn
South West: Alison Evans and Marion Baker
South East: Fatima Kamara
Wales: Dawn Ward and Rhian Edwards

Local Government Service Group:
Eastern: Neil Bland
East Midlands: Richard platt and Clare harwood
London: Sean fox, Sonya howard and Clara Mason
West Midlands: Justin Ashton
Yorkshire and humberside: Kerri Tierney and Joshua Moore
South West: Neil guild and Sharon foster
Wales: Dave Rees and Kim Russell

Higher Education Service Group:
East Midlands: Irvin Hendrickson and Hannah Mee
London: Josie Mangan-Murphy and Sue Parkins

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