Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Reminder: Workers Memorial Day event - 1pm Friday 26 April 24 at Three Mills Green, Stratford, E3 3DU - Theme is Climate Change impact on safety

This year since Workers Memorial Day is on a Sunday, my branch will be organising our annual wreath laying event on the Friday before (Friday 26 April at 1pm) outside the "Clasping Hands" Statue in Three Mills Green, Stratford, E3 3DU.

This is the site of a historic "accident" where a number of workers sacrificed their lives while attempting to rescue their colleagues.

Members and Staff Safety officers from local Housing Associations are expected but all welcome to pay their respects. Guest speakers invited.

(In local park next to historic mills and canel. Near Bromley by Bow tube, buses, can park for free near by at Tesco for limited time if you buy something)

"With last year the hottest year on record, the theme for 2024's Workers' Memorial Day is the impacts of climate change on occupational health and safety. Death at work and employment disruption as a result of global warming, not to mention occupational illnesses caused by polluting fossil fuels, are rising everywhere, and are only expected to increase.

Stand with us this year to remember the early victims of climate change-caused heat stress, UV radiation, air pollution, industrial accidents, extreme weather events, vector-borne diseases, and chemical exposure. And commit to fight for a world that's more, not less, safe to live and work in.
Check out TUC site for further details" (TUC)

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