Friday, April 19, 2024

Who wins, You Decide - UNISON SGE elections start Monday 22/4/24

Next week most UNISON members will be sent ballot papers for our Service Group Executive (SGE) elections.  Not all, since some seats were uncontested. 

Now, UNISON is the largest union in the UK, with around 1.3 million members in thousands of different public service employers, so our democratic processes are going to be just a little complex. 

But at the risk of oversimplifying things, I will describe the Service Group Elections (SGE) starting next week, as all about UNISON members being given the opportunity to decide, who do they want running their part of UNISON? 

Who do they want negotiating over pay, pensions, health and safety, equalities and other vital terms and conditions? Who do they want to lead their bit of UNISON? 

Grass roots activists who are fighters but also experienced, principled and pragmatic. Who are not dependent on the support of far left extremists. Who will put the interests of ordinary UNISON members, first and foremost.

I will be supporting candidates who are not members of the far left "tfrc" faction, who are supported by the extremist Socialist Workers Party and the like, who will be no doubt interfering yet again in our elections, while hiding their affiliations. 

But regardless about who you support, please take part in these important elections and encourage your work mates and family to do so as well. I will be posting more on this. 

In meanwhile congratulations to my branch comrades Lola Oyewusi and Joseph Ogundemuren for being elected unopposed as the London reps for the Community SGE. 

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