Sunday, April 21, 2024

West Ham ward canvass with Janet & John's


Yesterday, I had my Councillor surgery (ASB/\neighbour dispute/Overcrowding) and today I joined my Cllr colleague John Whitworth and new party member, Janet, for a street surgery/canvass in our ward. 

Janet has been a Labour supporter for many years but she recently joined the Party, because she wants to to do something to get rid of this appalling Conservative Government. Janet had never been canvassing before and she didn't feel confident knocking on doors, so she was here today to see what it was like and she would deliver leaflets. 

The canvass went really well with 68 contacts, the majority of which were solid Labour. There was one or two grumpy & negative respondents but Janet was surprised how little confrontation there was on the doorstep and that there was so many very positive responses. 

The only worrying thing was that some residents said they were Labour supporters but thought we were going to win, so nothing to worry about! I had to explain about the requirement for photo ID and the Tory scrapping of proportional voting in Mayoral elections could mean trouble and every single vote will count. 

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