Monday, January 01, 2024

"E7 Now and then" relaunch (& today is 133th Anniversary of the deaths of 26 Boys at Forest Gate Workhouse)


The Forest Gate, (Newham, London) local history site "E7-Now and then" is being relaunched after a 5 year gap. Which is really good news for people like me who live in Forest Gate and is fascinated by all history. Until I read about it in the site I had no idea that the British Union of Fascists had an office and headquarters 200m away from me nor that 26 boys had died in a fire in a workhouse nearby caused by official negligence. 

But anyone interested in history would find something to look at in this site.There is already over 200 articles. 

John Walker is the author/publisher of the site and he has also written a very moving book about the deaths of the boys in workhouse - and the pretty dreadful conditions children endured there for over 70 years. check out :-

"Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Abuse, Neglect and Fire in a London Children's Workhouse, 1854-1907 ISBN 978-1-7399142-0-2.

We had hoped to mark the anniversary today (fire took place 1 January 1890) as we did in 2021 but it didn't happen but maybe next year. 

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