Saturday, January 13, 2024

West Ham ward New Year Canvass and Street Surgery

This morning we had our first canvass and street surgery of 2024 in our ward. We met at the ATL cafe then went to doorknock and speak to residents with my Councillor ward colleagues, Charlene and John. Also, we had Lewis (Green Street West Councillor, our sister ward), Ash and Varghese (West Ham ward members).

It was pretty successful, over 50 contacts and we came across some important case work. Mostly housing issues but also complaints by residents against a charity who have leased a local community centre but appear not to have opened it recently.

I had one difficult conversation with a resident who was against Sadiq and the Council over the introduction of emission charges. I tried to point out that we must stop gassing our children and our elderly but he was not convinced. Nor did he accept the argument put forward by a UNISON colleague of mine, who is a paramedic in central London, that 25% of his emergency "shouts" involving taking children to A&E is about breathing difficulties but it is only 5% in the countryside surrounding London. 

I was really pleased to see the new build in Arthingworth Street (which had been dis-used since at least 2010 when I first became a Councillor) and that the memorial to PC Nina Mackay, who had been killed there in the line of duty, had been restored. Top right is a picture of the 3 of us in the new garden area. 

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