Sunday, May 01, 2022

Vote Malcolm Gray & Clare Penny-Evans for UNISON Northern Region Community SGE Elections (Housing Associations and Voluntary Sector)


If you work for Housing Associations or the Voluntary sector in UNISON's Northern Region, you should have (or shortly will) receive a postal ballot and either/or electronic ballot for this important election. This is a quick plug for "cost of living crisis" campaign champions, Malcolm and Clare. 

Check out the new members website to give them your views on the "Cost of Living Crisis" campaign and find out more about these elections which are being held across UNISON. 

Personally, I think Malcolm and Claire will make a great team representing Community workers in Northern Region and campaigning on this huge issue. 

While I do not work in Northern region and therefore cannot vote for Malcolm and Clare, since people who aren't even UNISON members, are actively campaigning for their opponents, then I think I can give my opinion (for what it is worth). 

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