Tuesday, May 24, 2022

UNISON SGE elections - Online ballot ends 5pm tomorrow - Wednesday 25 May (Vote to save our Union from Sexist Bullies & Ultra Left Extremism!)


Ballot closes tomorrow 25 May at 5pm for online votes (UNISON members also had the choice of a postal vote which I suspect is now too late so they should search their emails for online ballot papers from CES)

This morning a UNISON member rang me for advice on who to vote for in the London Local Government seat and I recommended Sonya but also see below for other recommendations. 

Check out OneUNISON website for further details of your "cost of living" UNISON champions. 

London Local Government:               Sonya Howard.
East Midlands Local Government:    Jess and Richard
West Midlands Local Government:    Ash
Yorkshire & Humberside:                  Ken & Helen
Eastern Local Government:               Neil, Angie & Sue
South East Local Government:          Sarah

Northern Community:                        Malcolm & Clare

London Health:                                  Julie and Anette
East Midlands Health:                        Lynn & Roz
Northern Health:                                Maria, Paul & Tanya
North West Health:                            Wendy & Liz
Cymru Wales Health:                        Sharon & Sarah
South West Health:                            Alison & Shawn
Yorkshire & Humberside Health:      Katie, Philippa & Dave

Please share and ring friends and colleagues (not using unison branch resources or information of course) and remind them to vote before 5pm tomorrow!!!

I was elected unopposed for the Greater London Community General SGE seat.

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