Saturday, August 05, 2017

What has a Labour Government ever done for us? Oh Yes, Redundancy payments

Hat tip Labour history website & twitter feed "On this Day" OTD in 1965. Redundancy Payments Act. "Gives workers the right to receive financial sum should they lose a job".

Great picture of Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, with his famous pipe overlooking (I am pretty sure) the Durham Miners Gala parade. 

So many people take it for granted that if they are made redundant that they will get money to tide them over until they get get another job or are able to retire. This act also made sure that workers would receive redundancy money even if their employer went bust. 

Redundancy not only softens the blow of losing your job it is also a safety blanket since due to Tory anti worker laws you have little or no employment protection for the first 2 years of your new job and you will probably only have limited company sick pay for the first few years as well (or longer). 

It is important to remember these anniversaries. Many workers think that redundancy is some sort of God given right. It's not. 

This didn't just "happen" - it was the result of a Labour government being elected and trade union campaigning for justice at work.

Never forget this

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