Wednesday, June 09, 2010

UNISON NDC London fringe - Struggle for workers rights in Latin America

Its UNISON National Delegate conference time.  "The Struggle for workers rights in Latin America - What the Tory Coalition Means for International Solidarity" is the Greater London, Northern and Scotland fringe.

Thursday 17 June 5.15pm at the Bournemouth International centre.


Jon Rogers said...

Great to see London Region UNISON supporting revolutionary socialists and leftwing programmes. We should consider such an approach closer to home perhaps...?

John Gray said...

Hi Jon

Well, if we faced the problems that many in the Labour movement face in Latin America with death squads roaming the streets of London killing trade unionists then perhaps we should...?

Anonymous said...

looks like a revolution in Lambeth branch

now not only members but majority of nramch officers are backing Dave Prentis