Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh well, never mind... let’s have a nice cup of tea

Coming home from work last night I found out by letter from the ERS that I had lost the election to be the London rep to the new UNISON "Community" Service Group.

Congratulations to my former branch secretary (Housing Association) Mary Powell, who was clearly elected for the General seat with 327 votes, also to Charlie Hore (Voluntary Organisations branch) who got 285 while I came third (aka last!) with 265.

Which, while recognising a defeat is a defeat, it is not that bad and something to learn and build upon in the future.

Turnout was as usual pretty poor at 9.1% (9,704 eligible voters) but considering this is the first such "Community" election and most regions either had no nominations for seats or only one candidate at least we had a contest.

I have had a good run of success in elections recently so I will take the rough with the smooth and as usual in these circumstances it is best to just have a nice cup of tea made strictly in accordance to the instructions of Mr Blair.

PS Just think – John McDonnell and I will from now on think of June 9 and actually have something in common.

See: it is true that every cloud has a silver lining :)


Anonymous said...

That is a real shame, John. At least from you we don't get pathetic excuses about how easily UNISON members are manipulated by 'the leadership' or 'FTOs' or 'CP' members.

Early days, though, and I'm sure your vote will grow as people get to hear your voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

You don’t seem to do well in postal Ballots! John McDonnell was not given the opportunity to see how he would have done. Will you be calling for LP leadership husting at confrence next week?

Anonymous said...

yes defeat is part of democracy

a fact the trot sects have no idea about

its always someone elses fault

John Gray said...

Hi anon 08.39

Unlike other unions - UNISON members can choose to pay into two political funds. Labour Link or GPF. If there is a husting it should be at the Labour link National forum. TULO I assume will be organising regional hustings?