Tuesday, June 15, 2010

UNISON NDC 2010 – Tuesday morning

I started the first day at conference with a glorious early morning jog in the sunshine along West Cliff headlands,  I went as far as the Tropical Gardens then back along the beach towards the Pier. The branch secretary of Waltham Forest and assistant branch secretary of Havering passed me bye at a great pace (they are real runners – nothing personal I am sure :).

Back at the hotel I carried on writing a speech, then had a spot of breakfast then more speech writing followed by a walk down to Bournemouth International Centre for NDC 2010 and a 10am start.

This morning’s business started off with the President’s address; Standing orders committee reports (no real bun fight for a change – just a little  local difficulty with Somerset). Next was the annual report and UNISON accounts. There was a good debate on Social Care which I watched in the UNIZONE while finishing off a speech. There was then apparently some excitement on the conference floor over PFI and ultra left grandstanding - but I missed it – typical.

During lunch I went to the anti-bullying health and safety fringe (see next post)


Anonymous said...

Part of the weird ultra left grandstanding was John 'Check my accent - I'm so authentically working-class' McLaughlin slagging off the 'public school boys' in the coalition cabinet. He made some point about how their privilege meant they couldn't understand the needs of working people. Perhaps he had forgotten his own Party's Lady Candy 'Roedean' Unwin, former SWP Central Committee member? Tut, tut, old boy!

Dave said...

Hi Anon,

if John McLaughlin is working class I'm a boiled egg.

Dave Draycott