Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"It's Going To Ruin Us"

Excellent Aussie trade union video from the same mob that brought us this. Great stuff! I must admit to not knowing all that much about the local issue but every single advance for workers which we now take for granted was attacked as being "ruinous" at the time.

Reminds me a bit of this argument as well.

Hat-tip thingy to Eric Lee and Labourstart. Pass it on.


Chris Hall said...

It is a great video, lots of impact and easily made, a good example of what can be done.

Got the link from labourstart in my email as well.

Anonymous said...

The video is inane. Look, I hate the corruption in big business too. But even more I hate it in politics. Execs in most large companies are self-serving and corrupt - but then few pretend differently. Politicians though should serve the people and the country. But let's look at where Mr Blair went to work after he left office. Oh, a big investment bank! Mmmmm. Let's look at Mr Brown's legacy - higher crime, higher immigration, and worst of all an unprecedented debt burden. Mmmmm.

Many large corporations act in an appalling manner, it's true. But then so do many socialist govts. What a pity!

Anonymous said...

now what public services does Osbourne use ??

if were all in this together how will he be affected ???

And Lord Ashcroft will he pay a penny more in tax ????

John Gray said...

Hi Chris


Hi Anon
The video is ACE!!! Maybe stop hating everything and everyone and get the politics not just attack individuals all the time. Also stop “for crying out loud” reading the Daily Hate et al and get some perceptive in life. Crime is down not higher. Immigration is what all British governments signed up for when they joined the EU and the debt burden is down to neo-liberal Bankers and financial services thievery, greed, deception and at best incompetence. Corporations only act badly because we the shareholders – let ‘em get away with it. Stop just red baiting and come up with some arguments. Stop, think, use your head, don’t just be a receptacle all your life.