Saturday, February 27, 2010

John Cryer selected as PPC for Leyton and Wanstead.

The ballot closed yesterday and the count was today. I got a text at about 5.30pm and heard the news. John won by 38 votes which is a clear margin and congratulations to him.

Former Chair of West Ham CLP Terry Paul came 2nd (see posts here, here and here). I think congratulations are also in order to Terry as well for running a great campaign and if things had had worked out differently he could have won. But that’s history now – there is only one position and only one real winner.

The local Party will now rally around John for the forthcoming real election and I am sure he will do well and retain the seat.

I spoke to Terry just a little while ago and he was obviously a little disappointed but was energetic and enthusiastic as ever. He especially wanted to thank the local members who had supported him.

Next time he stands somewhere it will be different I think.

Congratulations also to Unite’s Jack Dromey who was last night selected as PPC for Birmingham Erdington.


Dennis Harvey said...

I look forward to meeting you when you are canvassing in Wanstead. I feel we have been neglected in recent yeras by the local party, particlalry as we live in L.B.Redbridge. Redbridge still operate a selective system and operate a hierarchy of schools when it comes to the allocation of resources.

Dennis Harvey

John Gray said...

Hi Dennis

Wrong John?

Sick of thieving MP's said...

Is that disgrace to humanity Harry Cohen still fresh in the voters minds?
Let's hope so.

Anonymous said...

If you're such a good guy, why are you a member of a party that contains Harman, Mandelson, Brown et al, a Stalinist authoritarian useless bunch of thugs?

John Gray said...

Hi Rockette

Who said I was "a good guy".

Obviously I am Labour so I am not all that bad. But to call Harriot, Brown etc such silly billy names is rather pathetic.

Attack the ideas - not the person!

Anonymous said...

I think it's 'Harriet". 'Silly billy' names? Pathetic?
Attack the ideas, not the person!!!

From where do you think the ideas come?

You don' think this Government is authoritarian? You don't think it's useless?
It was Brown that said, 'No return to boom or bust' wasn't it? Brown was a Chancellor who took over a healthy economy and has reduced it to rubble - he sold our gold at a ridiculously low price and blames all our ills on the 'global economic crisis' whilst pretending to be some knight in shining armour, saving the World. Even he is now admitting that he should have placed more control over the banks. I'd certainly attack his ideas if I thought he had any.

Unfortunately these people want power at all costs and not content with passing over 3,000 laws in 13 years, they want to control us even more and for longer. And they've proved to be incompetent and without principle. I believe that the spinning that went on under Campbell et al at the beginning of the Labour reign was Stalinist.
Mandelson is completely discredited and was brought back by Brown, elevated to the Lords and is at the heart of this Government. Elected by nobody.
How do we, the electorate, deserve this?

As the Labour party is no longer socialist, it is difficult to know for what it actually stands. It's a mishmash of ideas (generated by people) with no firm underlying principles. And let's not even talk about Blair and Iraq...

John Gray said...

It’s a shame that people who can’t argue politics resort to childish trivialisation and personalisation of politics.

Of course this government is not “authoritarian” – you have no idea what life is like in such a society and shame on you for suggesting we live in such a state.

You have indeed put forward some interesting political arguments but you obviously prefer on the whole the lazy politics of the ignorant pub bore.

The Labour Party is a broad church and always has been. At the moment I wish it was more left of centre than it is but that is a matter of debate within the Party not the non aligned ignorant left.

Anonymous said...

Where is the childish trivialisation?

How do you know what my experience is?

I believe, like many others, that this Government is authoritarian. Clearly, you don't know what it means so this is a dictionary definition - showing a lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others; domineering; dictatorial.

Did the Labour Government take any notice of the electorate in relation to the Iraq war? Did you know that the David Kelly death evidence is to be kept secret for 70 years? Do you think that they might have something to hide?

The lazy politics of the ignorant pub bore.

Let's look at one of your statements shall we?
'Obviously I'm Labour so I'm not all that bad'.

If you were in a pub I think most people would give up drinking!

Where are the lazy politics?

You seem to resort to calling people ignorant if they don't agree with you!. That strikes me as lazy politics. You just make statements and don't back anything up. You don't answer points; you just call me names.

I won't resort to calling you names because I think you manage to condemn yourself.

John Gray said...

Hi Rockette

I think you ought to look in mirror matey.

BTW How can I be calling someone who hides his identity "names?"

The words "Get a life" spring to mind.

Anonymous said...

Baa Baa

Chris Dawson said...

Just googled upon this page looking for John Cryer (no site there yet by the way) and read the thread. I've always been a Labour man but if that had been a boxing match you were on the deck early in the first.
The problem is that there was a lot of truth in what he/she said. Brown was not a great chancellor, was a poor PM and Mandelson should never have been brought back into government.
I think, if somebody is clearly trying to wind you up, you need to agree the obvious points with reservations and put forward some positives which you didn't do.
I think that when you address somebody as 'matey' you conjure an image of somebody apoplectic with rage who's completely lost it.
As I said I'm a labour man but I can't justify a lot of what Labour has done in government and we need to accept the failures so that we can move forward.

John Gray said...

Hi Chris

It’s a view I suppose. But you are up to the same tricks by personalising all the issues and therefore trivialising the politics.

Play the ball not the man!

don’t worry I won’t call you "matey" apparently it’s not good for my blood pressure)

(I actually think you are the same person)

Anonymous said...

Oh please!