Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Tory “No Frill” Councils offer green, portable snow ploughs to clear our Streets!

Wannabe Tory “Easy Jet” Councils are reacting to massive public criticism of their failure to adequately grit and clear their roads by trying to empower the elderly, disabled and poor by offering them what they describe as cut price and Cameron green house gas lite portable snow ploughs (aka shovels) at only £50 per time for them to clear their own streets of snow and ice.

The Tory Council's now of course only want to offer services to the rich who can afford to pay extra for luxuries such as clear roads, regular rubbish clearance, home care and sheltered housing for the sick and elderly.

The rich will be able to pay for their roads to be gritted and sweep while the poor and vunerable will just have to get on and do it themselves.


Hat-tip Col. Roi


Anonymous said...

let them eat grit

Anonymous said...

We spent the last fifty years subsidising "the underclass" through my council taxes and income tax. I'm not rich and I object to the way that money is poured on insatiable public services. No amount of money will ever be sufficient to for them. If you hadn't noticed we already have one of the harshest prgressive tax regimes in the world which re-distributes wealth on a massive scale. So caled Tory councils were elected - sorry but I guess a majority of people wanted them rather than the envy party.

Anonymous said...

yes and I trust you never get ill an turn up on my ward after an accident

God forbid you would have to tolerate the services of a public sector nurse

People in America are dying for health services

The Rich are getting richer and you slag off public sector workers like nurses, teachers, doctors

Get real mate or go and live in America

I am sure your skills are in great demand

Anonymous said...

I hope I never turn up on "your ward" as well - you need to take a close re reda of your hypocratic oath..rather than your Labour hypocrites oath

John Gray said...

Hi Tory Anon
Don’t upset nurses now and don’t worry about income redistribution because it’s a good thing - unless you are also rich anon.

Anonymous said...

don’t worry about income redistribution because it’s a good thing - unless you are also rich anon.

You're not encouraging people to make a success of their lives are you? Even in supposedly communist China they say "To get rich is glorious" - now why would that be?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Leaving aside for the mo that just making money is not the same as making a success of your life?

China is not communist and hasn't been for a long while.

I have no problem with people wanting to get on as long as they don't exploit others and pay their fair wack in taxes.

QED. nuf said?