Monday, January 18, 2010

Housing matters 18 Jan 2010

Inside Housing is making the case for public housing in the forth coming General Election. They have launched the “HOUSEPROUD” campaign.  There is a on-line petition; you can suggest a housing pledge for the main political parties; you can help publicise the campaign housing statistics (see picture); you can ask prospective MP’s about housing and get them to sign the on-line petition and send Inside Housing photos, videos, blogs, statistics etc about the value of housing in your area.  I’ve signed petition and suggested that all parties should sign up to the UNISON “Million Voices for a Million Homes” campaign.

While Roof reports that the recent freezing weather has resulted in many people being unable to afford both food and fuel. Especially the elderly. Also Christmas was paid for this year by over 100,000 of the poorest families in our community who used loan sharks to lend £29 million who charge 825% interest rates and now owe some £82 million.

The LGA show that the recession has widened the gap in the UK between the rich and poor cities.

Public Finance appear to be saying that Council and Housing association rents will converge in 2012/13 not 2020 as previously thought. Which I am not sure is necessarily good news for tenants with either landlord? Somebody is going to be a loser.

This report is a little late but the CLG report Housing Minister John Healey’s announcement of the biggest Council House building programme in nearly two decades.

Finally, I was chatting to some housing solicitors recently about the problem of rogue private landlords who do not manage their properties (full stop) and who allow their tenants (only a very small minority) to cause a bloody awful nuisance to their neighbours and who blight the local community. They suggested that if the “use of the premises is associated with significant and persistent disorder or persistent serious nuisance to members of the public” then as a last resort a “premises closure order” could be sought. Which could close the house down for 3-6 months. Which would probably sort the problem out for that house and send a message to landlords in the locality to get their act together (court costs and no rent).

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