Friday, September 26, 2008

World Day For Decent Work - Tuesday 7 October

Check out the TUC website here about this event :-

The global trade union movement is holding a World Day for Decent Work on Tuesday 7 October. To mark the event in the UK, and in support of the Decent Work, Decent Life Campaign, the TUC is organising a day of activities at Congress House, London, focusing on rights at work and ending inequality in the workplace.

The event promises to be the largest ever gathering of international development and labour-related organisations in the UK concerned with the Decent Work agenda.

Over the course of the day (9:30 - 16:30) there will be over 50 workshops, films, exhibitions and stalls from UK development charities, trade unions, organisations concerned with fair and ethical trade, and academic institutions focusing on the development and gender dimensions of livelihood and income generation issues.


Anil Sawan said...

wud definitely luk this space on oct 8th!


Robert said...

When Brown did his speech he said that more work had to be done on welfare and the reforms. Purnell has said that Income support is to end, now I did not hear this myself but have written to my MP.

The idea is that everyone will get one benefit Job Seekers Allowance, it will be limited too two years , which is what the Tories have been saying for a while now.

This is the American workfare.

Boy everyone was telling me today that Labour is turning to the left, somebody should have told them to stop turning because they are heading down a dangerous route if this is right.