Friday, September 05, 2008

What Jo Brand wants for her local area?


Anonymous said...

We want less crime...less above inflation busting council tax...we want less boom and, education, education..We want less hypocrisy from Labour MP's who send their kids to Private Schools, buy groceries on their expenses..we want labout to fix the economic mess they got us into...who remembers all the cobblers about "we are the best placed to ride out the current global economic problems"...yer right...thats why we are going to be the first western nation officially in recession. Of course we were so well placed.

Anonymous said...

still not as bad as the Tory recessions

how many people lost their jobs hundreds of thousands and how many lost their houses

Tories they do recession in style

while their City friends pay meger bonuses

just how many City bonuses have been refused this year ?????

How many chief Execs have had inflation rate pay

Tories the Party of the rich !

Stop Lord Snotty and his friends building a Tory recession

John Gray said...

well said Anon 2. After a record breaking 40 successive quarters of economic growth, there was bound to be problems eventually. These problems are imported and not at all home grown. The British economy is in far better shape than ever before and will soon power itself out of the gloom.

Anonymous said...

Actually the British economy is one of the worst placed to "power itself out of recession". It is likely to be the first Western economy in recession...which shows how well placed were we to avoid recession in the first place?..We also have the highest levels of personnel debt in the Western world mainly because Brown let the power supply surge out of control and failed to put the brakes on the housing bubble. We also have zero gold reserves...because he flogged them off when they were at a historic low. Governmnt borrowing is at an all time high and so are taxes, thanks to Gordon. We have the highest fuel costs in Europe, real income is falling and unemployment is rising. Global factors are indeed the issue but who was it that told us "no more boom nor bust?" It was Gordon himself..didn't he realise that economy is cyclical? The tax payer has also had to bail out Northern Rock and we are fighting two expensive wars that Labour took us into. The pound is plunging and the "golden economic rules devalued and abandoned out of short term expediency. All in all I'd say Gordons stewardship has turned out to be is pretty absymal, and the Governemnt seem incapable of forecsting honestly the extent of the issues we are facing. We were in for a pretty rough ride...according to Darling the worst situation since the thirties? The sad thing is that you always toe the Labour line John, no matter how apparently wrong they are...that's what makes you report Gordon is heading for a landlslide election victory after the Party confernce only to find he didn't have the balls. The funniest thing is going to be watching the Labour collapse in Scotland..this will destine Labour to the backbenches for generations to come. You called it wrong on Livingstone and you continue to call it wrong on almost everyhting else. You are not a serious commentator but a fantasist.

Anonymous said...

Called it wrong on Livingstone

Boris is a Joke and only won by lies and Evening Standard

Boris wont even stand next time because hes busy with his journalism not running London

he said he would solve Knife Crime, end congestion charge choas, etc etc

Knife Crime has gone up and so have bus fares

Anonymous said...

Sorry? Boris gets elected and the next day knife crime is solved? Get real or are you also a fantasist? Livingstone had how long exactly to get on top of the problem..remind us? Eight years!
Also you know that Ken was a Restauarant reviewer at one point for the nasty old Evening Standard...that's right, he was happy enough to take their pay then!...I love Boris because he gets up you Trots noses sooo much! Ha, Ha

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
So I’m a Trot! Excellent, can’t wait to tell the comrades in United left all about that one! You’re wrong about most things I am afraid – the gold reserves sales were invested in currencies such as the Euro which has actually done pretty well. Government borrowing and taxes are not at a “all time high”, the economy is not “bust”, I never said there would be a election or that Labour would win by a landslide....etc

Oh well, so I’m a “fantasist” (as well as a Trot). There are worse things to be called I suppose.

Keep up the good work comrade, you help remind us all that the “nasty party” is live and kicking.

Anonymous said...

Invested in currency? Are you totally mad? Compare the growth in the price of gold since he sold it against the Euro? It was piss poor timing. Sell high buy low...not the other way around. You are in denial constantly John..and the next step is your annihilation at the elections. If Boris and the Conservaties are the nasty party and they get elected by a landslide what does this make the elctorate? The Nasty electorate? Get real...fantasist.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Nope - just misled and lied to....but we will wait and see. Labour has everything to play for comrade, everything. Thats what makes democratic politics so interesting.