Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crash, Bang, Wallop - United we stand, Divided we will fall

As much as I am loathe to make any reference to The Sun, on the way home tonight I saw this front page banner headline (crash, bang & wallop) and the by-line "We will all pay a price for unscrupulous bankers who threw caution - and our money - to the wind."

Quite true I thought. But please can we in the Labour Party also ask certain junior ministers and MP’s to stop being politicians who are throwing caution away (never mind there I say prudence) - into the call for a "Perfect Storm"... A divisive, bloody leadership contest a mere 18 months before a probable general election.

Do I really have to spell it out any further?

Crash, bang, (and then) wallop – would sum up pretty well what will happen to us unless people start to unite.

Nothing, repeat nothing is inevitable in politics except defeat due to division.

We do not want the Tories to win FULL STOP This should be our real overriding manta. A change in leadership is not going to achieve anything.


Anonymous said...

Lets be honest Brown is having a bit of his own medicine, he did the same to Blair biting and fighting in the back ground.

Lets be honest I did not think much of Blair but at least he could lie and then argue he was telling the Truth.

Anonymous said...

so people in City can now become public sector workers if they have a hard time

dont you just love capitalism

Farmers, City boys, high tec R&D were all public sector workers now

capitalism is in crisis

what is the Tories answer

more deregulation of the City and industry

Anonymous said...

expel the Blairites as we did Militant
same entryists

Anonymous said...

Thatcher was at Chequers this week in a discussion with Brown about the global market and the down turn.

Brown was really annoyed with his adviser after Dennis had spent an hour in deep conversation with Brown, the advisers had to tell Brown he had been talking to an empty seat. Then Thatcher and dennis left. but not before she had told Brown to leave her home after he had finished painting the skirting boards.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,Back home thank god. What one in the pic has mad cow disease. Now lets bring back banks that serve the community maybe like credit unions, or post offices but we closed them why because they were losing money,now we are throwing 10s of millions at the stock market, it makes me sick the wide boys in the city are a joke

John Gray said...

Hi Paul
Good to hear from you. I think both! Hope you are ok?